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Leaving tube amps on.
Not to derail this topic but I've been thinking of getting a tube preamp. Is there ANY safety concerns leaving them on 24/7 especially the models with tube rectifiers?  
Finally after 7 years of search... Full Range: Voxativ.
OP, wow that sounds like quite the journey you've been on. Happy for you to have found your nirvana.  Somewhat of a similar experience with my Omega's. There really is something special about these types of specials. Best of luck with them!!  
Aurender N100h usb to Qutest dac issues -SOS-
I tried both voltages and it did not correct the issue prior to repair. Would be interested to hear your take on the Pontus vs Qutest.   
Aurender N100h usb to Qutest dac issues -SOS-
@wjz500333  Sorry to hear you've got the same problem. My Qutest was sent to a factory authorized service tech and the mainboard was replaced. Never had a problem since.  You may be better off with a UC100 or UT100 converter and just go fiber or... 
Not enough outlets
I think of hospital grade as a baseline for quality. I've got several of these attached to the back of my rack, I got the ones with a 3' cord: Tripp Lite  
Looking for integrated solid state amp for daily usage
Mcintosh MHA100 vs Primaluna Evo400 Years ago I downsized to the MHA100 which I purchased NOS in your price range. I've had "better" amps, including class A and tube, but this is my favorite. It gives so much and asks for so little. Sounds great,... 
for streaming why not computer/galvanic isolation/DAC clock?
Just for playing around, I had a Mac Mini M1 running Audirvana. I used an Aurender UT100 usb to fiber convertor plugged directly into the back of the Mini and it fed a Qutest via a quality glass fiber cable. It actually sounded quite amazing.  Th... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
In my early years of this hobby, well before cable break in was even discussed, I put in new Audioquest speaker cables to connect a Threshold amp to my B&W 801 S2's. If the stereo shop where I got them wasn't over an hour drive away they would... 
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k
@burtlake  My Modern CAMs sound amazing with my Mcintosh MHA100 "headphone" amp. Check out my pics. The current model is MHA150, only difference is in the dac.   
Power supply poll for Chord Qutest
Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII for me, I find I use the incisive neutral filter more than before. Prior to the Booster I almost always listened to it warm and rolled off.  
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
Far from the most expensive amp I've ever owned, a Mcintosh integrated I purchased about three years ago is my pick of the litter. Made me jump right off the merry go round. There are certainly "better" amps out there, but this just checks all my ... 
USB to Dual Coax Bridge for Qutest DAC
Yes congrats and please do share your thoughts on how the M3 compares to the Qutest!  
USB to Dual Coax Bridge for Qutest DAC
@drlou77  I had a similar setup as you, Aurender N100H feeding a Sboosted Qutest via Curious and other USB cables. For the most part it sounded great, albeit a bit harsh on some recordings. I'm not bashing USB but I moved on from it due mostly to... 
Power strip recommendations
Tripp-Lite hospital grade strip is high quality and reasonable. They have models with longer cords too.    
DACed and Confused here...
@soix I've used the Apple Camera connector for an old iPhone while listening to background internet radio, sounded ok for it's purpose but it recently died. I looked up the Lavri cable you recommend but it doesn't say anywhere if you can power a d...