Duelund Cast PP

Does anyone tried relatively new Duelund Cast PP 250 V caps In speaker crossover


I’m using the Duelund CAST PP, Duelund CAST Resistors, and Goertz inductors in a revised crossover for the Merlin Music VSM speaker. It’s the crossover Danny Richie designed. I am thrilled with how it turned out. The speaker has MUCH more bottom end with great midrange and detail. It’s fatigue free.

Here is a link to the video about the revised Merlin Music VSM crossover:

I am very happy with the Duelund parts. I’ve had a unique opportunity to experience a bit of the difference in crossover parts in very quick succession. I also own the Wilson Audio Duette and those too have revised crossovers, but with Sonicap and different resistors. I burned a pair of them in, along with Duelund JDM bypass caps. It took a little while, but the parts really came around... musical, fatigue free. What’s interesting to this process is that a friend also owns a pair of Duette, and I had both pairs of crossovers. I gave him the pair I burned in, and started the fresh pair from scratch. WOW... what a difference from the burned in pair. Back to square one.

Here’s the thing, I just started listening to the Merlin VSM crossovers with Duelund CAST PP last week. Right out of the gate, the sound was great... musical, fatigue free, detailed. What took the Sonicaps hundreds of hours to get to, the Duelund was already there. It will be interesting to see how they evolve over a few hundred hours. I should note, I am also using Duelund CAST PIO Copper caps for bypass.

I plan to use the Duelund CAST PP again for another project, for sure; although, the Sonicap is also really, really good... after a few hundred hours.

This stuff is a lot of fun and I wish more people could experience it...

Here is the revised crossover Danny Richie designed for the Merlin Music Systems VSM.  They obviously will remain external to the speaker, which is just as well because I like looking at it. 


thank you very much for reply

I am glad you find Duelund Cast PP a nice part

Is It possible to do a brief comparison about sonic quality with other caps you have experience, for example do you find mentioned cap a neutral or It Is warm or bright, Is It forward sounding etc.

PS. I can report that there Is even new Duelund line - JDM Cast PP which are very affordable priced