Dumb VTA Question

Sorry ... I have a dumb question about setting VTA. I own a VPI Classic TT which has "VTA on-the-fly" capability. My cartridge is the Lyra Kleos. When I mount the Kleos, the last adjustment is VTA. I start by setting VTA so that the tonearm appears horizontal. Then while I'm playing a record, I raise the tonearm and then lower it until I like what I hear.

Ok ... that's what I do. But here's the dumb question. Some vinyl buffs talk about setting VTA at 91.5 degrees, or 92.5 degrees, and the like. How the heck can someone know the degree of VTA adjustment with such precision?? Is there a tool or special protractor that permits such close adjustments?

Thanks for the education.

Thanks Doug.

As usual, Doug explains it as it is, or as it should be. The key is to know what to listen for. Doug explained that in another VTA thread.

I've got a USB microscope, but I use it only to take close up photos of the cartridge to confirm things I can't see quite as well with my naked eyes. eg. stylus shape, cantilever alignment, etc. It is a fun tool, but I no longer used it for SRA angles.

For a quick guide, I use a 10X loupe to confirm that the stylus is just past vertical, which is close enough to get started. Then, from there, I adjust by listening.
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Thank you for your quick comments, which I read with some relief as I was not really looking forward to buying a microscope + stand and spending a day or, as I am not really handy with computer programs and all this, several days learning to handle it. \
I think an underlying reason for my question may have been that I am not quite sure what to strive for in my system, i.e. what sound could be achieved in my room with my gear when everything is set up just right and thus form the reference. I get a lot of compliments for the music from friends and other visitors but am sure that considerable improvements could be achieved by someone more proficient than I am.
What type of sound you want will depend on your preferences and to some extent on the types of music you listen to.

In terms of what is possible, you have a very capable setup. Every adjustment (and our TriPlanars have many!) makes its own unique differences to the sound. Tweaking VTF sounds different than tweaking SRA, etc. Learning what to listen for takes time and hands-on experimentation with ears and brain fully engaged. I can fire up my system, spin an LP an know within a minute or less if VTF, SRA or some other frequently adjusted parameter needs tweaking. But that kind of awareness took years to develop, at least for me.

Read posts on this forum and others that describe what to listen for when adjusting this or that parameter. Different people hear differently, so some explanations may speak to you more than others.

And practice, practice, practice...
The Walker method is a good place to start. It makes quite a bit of logical sense too: