This might be a stupid question,,but

I recently upgraded from a DVD player to a transport,DIP,DAC combo,which sounds better,but i am using analog ICs,will going to good digital cables improve the sound?
Signal makes a good coax digital cable. For me, the sound is different although I didn’t believe it at first and was using an IC for digital connection. I started with the Signal and now use an Acoustic Zen MC2.

If you mean you are using a standard analog IC to make the digital connection between your CD transport and your DAC, yes, a digital cable will make an improvement. Digital cables, among other things, are designed with 75ohm impedance, which is meant for compatibility with the digital input/output characteristics of the components.
analog cables are a 50ohm impedance. Get a Digital Cable, and also try to get 1.5 meters as this is the minimum recommended length for digital cables.
Oops. Mea Culpa. I thought he meant ... well, whatever I thought, I was wrong. Yes, go with the digital cable.
I thought 1.5 meters was the "maximum" recommended length for digital cables.
1.5m is the minimum digital cable (AES and S/PDIF) length that I recommend when using a stock transport. This white paper I authored gives the technical explanation:

And the RIGHT digital cable can make a BIG differnce.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
im using analog ICs for the digital connection,i will probably buy some dig. cables in the next couple weeks,im thinking of trying Stereovox HDXV as i have a pair of HDSE that work very well between my amp and preamp.So the main difference is analog ICs are 50 Ohm and digital 75 Ohms !Thanks guys!
Ther are some inexpensive cables from Have and Blue Jeans that are surprisingly good for this purpose.
The digital connection should be a single coaxial connection, not a pair. You keep mentioning IC's, as in plural and that may be what is confusing folks. Yep a 75ohm digital cable is the ticket. In going from the signal output of your DAC you do want standard Analog IC's (plural, as in a pair of them) to go to your preamp or integrated amp, and not digital IC's.

Marco,sorry for the confusion,as i stated in my question,im using a transport to a Dip to the DAC to preamp, so i have the need for 2 dig cables ,guess i could have worded it better!
Sorry for the confusion guys! Im going from my transport(dig. cable) to a Monarchy Dip(dig. cable)to my dac ,to my preamp(analog cable)Hope that clears it up! Should have known better than start a thread at 4:30am,,,,Thanks,Ray
Audioengr (Steve):

Thanks for the link to you're white paper. Ironically, I have a 75ohm cable I took in trade that I've been holding on to for DAC experimentation down the road and it is 1.5 meters (HT Cyber-Link Platinum). Cool beans.


How do you like your Audio Mirror DAC? I was considering a Scott Nixon, but comparitive reviews here tend to favor the Audio Mirror.
I thought it would not make a difference either. I was wrong. Without a doubt the digital cable makes a difference that can be heard. Good luck.
Creeper,Im really happy with mine,very musical and well balanced from top to bottom,RAM does mods on them ,which im thinking of havng done at a later date.