Dunlavy,Counterpoint synergy.....

Has anyone have a suggestion about a speaker cable likely to work well with a Counterpoint amp/preamp and Dunlavy SCIV/A's?Thanks,Bob
if you ask John Dunlavy of course, he'll tell ya it doesn't make any difference!!!!
Anyway, you gotta ask yourself if you like the counterpoint stuff well enough to plan on keeping it! If you're answere to that is yes, then may i suggest some slightly warmish cables like either MOnster cable M1.5 or MIT or Dunalvy's own cables!!! Actually, for the money, I think you'll like the Harmonic Technology's Melody Line cables quite nicely! I'd chose these first for the money (about $10/ft). have fun...
Of the cables I have used on the DunlavyIVA i found no significant difference. Check out the Cable CO. for cable rentals and you'll probably find that Dunlavy is right.
Sorry Snook, I have to disagree. I started out with Dunlavy cables and was so so. The Synergistic des.ref. is better in all areas. Soundstage,timming,timber,vocals you name it.
Iam using Nordost quatra fil ic now and well try the spm speaker next.