Dunlavy SCIV - What amp are you using?

I noticed lately a lot of talk about Dunlavy Speakers. I was wondering what your favorite amplier of choice is with the SCIV or SCIVa?

I've been using a Bel Canto SET40 stereo amplifier that uses 845 Triode Transmitting tubes in single ended mode that puts out 35watts rms and gives 75 watts peak. It is very extended at the extremes and has a breathtaking midrange to die for.

I'd love to hear what others have been using.

Thank you.
They do seem to be paired with Classe quite often, not sure why, but of course they do make good SS amps. Are they like Thiels and B&W in that they really are best suited for highish powered SS amps, and only the most powerulful, high current of tubes amps?