dusting? or covers?

What does everyone do to keep dust off their beautiful tube amps? Use some kind of a duster (like swiffer or similar)? Or do you have a dust cover you put on when it's not in use? Just looking for a solution to keep the pesky thing clean. Mine is a Cary SLI-80 fwiw.
I use black nylon covers.

One relatively inexpensive source is digital deck covers:


If you use them for a custom cover, I do suggest you add an extra 1/2" or so to each dimension, as they cut things pretty close.
I use a bandana for my Well tempered TT, should be ok for amps when they are not powered up.
Riffer...THANKS! I have been looking for this very same thing for quite awhile now. I went to their website and they seem very reasonably priced. I'm going to order a couple.