Dutch and Dutch 8c AES terminator

Anyone know where I can get another one of these? An Amazon link or something like that would be really helpful. I’m not really sure if they are all the same
If it is a routine AES cable any XLR connector will do. The sex is determined by which end of the cable it is on, input or output. Neutrik gold XLRs are nice. I use them exclusively for my AES connections.
Get a 3 pin DMX 110 ohm terminator. The 120 ohm would work but I would try to find a 110 ohm. Do not use any XLR cable on Dutch and Dutch they are very finicky make sure they are 110 ohm. 

djones51: thanks again you’re an ace but that link you gave me wants to charge me $26.48 just for ground shipping on a $10 part. I’ll try to find it elsewhere
I never ordered from that site I just saw them doing a search. Most pro shops have them. That Amazon link looks like the same thing. 

Did anyone ever find one of these to purchase? The ones linked in this thread as well as the majority online are all male plugs but it needs to be a female terminator for the Dutch and Dutch 8C. 

Hello, I happen to work for the company above...with the outrageous shipping charge. Sorry for that, we're working on it.  I am trying to figure out if a 110 ohm resistor is correct for this instance of terminator. Also, when looking for terminators, at least from the lighting world, you will typically only find male versions. They come in 3-pin or 5-pin versions but always male. In the lighting world, if you need a female terminator for DMX, you probably have run your cables backwards...(eeeek) 

Thanks in advance. 


The 8c uses a 1/4 watt, 110 Ohm 1% resistor. It’s soldered between pin 2 and 3 on a female XLR plug..