Dutch & Dutch 8c

Has anyone heard these relatively new active speakers? Not interested in debating the pros and cons of passive speakers paired with a stack of electronics and room treatments vs actives with DSP. Just curious if anyone on here has heard them and wouldn’t mind sharing their experience. Thanks.

The 8C offers a sub out with bass management, so you can add any subwoofer you like.

DSP is mostly just changing output, as long as you aren’t doing anything crazy (such as boosting a high-Q dip by 20dB), it won’t sound off at all. However, room treatment is always recommended over DSP. DSP mostly is combating room modes while room treatment reduces these modes in the first place as well as the overall reverberation time of the room, boosting clarity. 
However, do to the cardioid midrange and bass coupling, the 8C needs less  absorption panels/bass traps on/towards the front wall compared to a normal speaker, but if you add a sub or two then bass traps on the front wall corners are more needed.
theres a good thread on audiosciencereview on them right nowi reckon they are a very good choice if you're looking to save a buck and a headache on carefully matching amps, cables, etc. they might also be a good option if your room is medium to small sized.
however i've always questioned how dsp corrected bass would sound vs natural large area surface size offered by a larger woofer. i just get the feeling that digital corrected music would sound different, sound worse.
i've not heard any active speakers however but the passive speakers i've heard with touted frequency response below 30hz always felt 'small' vs my jbl 4367 'big' sound and big bass.
personally I believe its a function of surface area, physics etc. i don't see how two 8 inch woofers in a cabinet that is inadequate in volume to really be able to create true bass. a single 15 inch driver in a 180cubic litre cabinent is going to sound a heck of a lot better than two 8 inch drivers tuffed into a 70litre one.