DVD Player output


What signal comes out from DVD Player digital OUT Coaxial? Is it whatever audio mode is chosen on DVD menu or is it just bitstream from laser reading DVD? I am thinking of connecting digital out to DAC and wonder what audio format will I get. Pure stereo or Dolby Stereo if that what is chosen on DVD menu.

What say you?

With the default settings it will probably output whatever is encoded on the DVD like 5.1 Dolby Digital. And then your audio receiver will decode that. But sometimes you can change your DVD player settings to output 5.1 LPCM or 2.0 LPCM—the latter would work with a stereo DAC with coaxial S/PDIF input.
Are there any other digital outputs? My NAD DVD deck outputs S/PDIF from the RCA  coax out.

lowrider57 -There is only Digital Out (PCM/Bitstream) Coaxial or Optical.
nekoaudio - That is what I am hoping, thanks.
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