DVD player question

I am looking to buy high quality dvd/cd player to replace my talk electronics cd player and an older ony dvd player.

Are there any good companies out there that make a good quality dvd/cd playing unit that will also play BluRay's and HD DVD's? I am looking for something in the lines of a rotel/arcam/EAD or simular. Looking to spend under $1600.

Let me know if something exists?
Right now it is a waiting GAME (format war).
CES Show report might bring some answers.
As of right now......NO ONE of that caliber.

The Toshiba XA2 HD-DVD player is an excellent upconverting DVD player. It's a mere $500 - and you can often find it for less.
The Toshiba doesn't do DVD-Audio, SACD, or HDCD - it is not a universal player. Denon is releasing one very soon, that will be the unit to look at...