Darko talks with Shiit Audio FUNNY FUNNY stuff.

Came across this video of John Darko talking with the guys from Shiit Audio, very funny stuff.


I look forward to checking this out when I get a bit of time. First, though, a question: Do they mention plans to bring a transport to market? Here's hoping.
-- Howard

yes they do as well as a turntable and a raspberry pie thing they called ___ well i wont ruin it for you.

i'll be honest I didn't post it here for the shitt audio info more the comedic relief. the older gentleman is a true hoot.

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I laughed when he announced the isolation feet for the Sol. "Floaters" that was pretty good. Their announcement of their own USB driver could possibly be very exciting. If it's as good as they say, they'd be smart to license theirs out to other high end audio manufactures. Other than that, disappointed that the only other stuff they're working on are bpm and pitch adjusters, something that I could get in any pro audio mixer.
Very funny, indeed. Thanks for posting the link. And for your previous answer, too.
-- Howard

Thanks for the link!  I've known Jason and Mike for many years and they are indeed two of the coolest, most down-to-earth folks you'll ever meet...and brilliant designers and engineers.

I bet their new products are going the be the Schiit :-)
I tip my hat to these guys.....they are all about making good stuff at real world prices. 
I've met Mike years ago, at a dealer presentation. He has really aged. I look in the mirror, and what do you know, so have I. The turntable sounds like a winner. Enjoy ! MrD.
I own 3 of their pieces of Schiit, a Freya, a Magni and a Loki...these guys punch a welcome hole in the pretentious audiophile world with great sounding high class stuff for realistic prices. Great interview!
Thanks for posting, Glenn.  Very entertaining and informative.  

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