Dynaudio 52se VS. NHT SB-3

Someone said he rated SB-3 higher overall than Dyn's (not 52se) but I could not believe because my ratings on Dynaudio monitors are very high.

Please provide me with your opinions in comparison of the two if you have listened to both.

I can't offer any comparisons but I did spend significant time with the Dynaudio 52SE and found it to be a delightful speaker. Sounded very big full with tight deep bass for it's size. Mid range and treble very musical, natural and easy to listen to.
I can't offer any comparison either, but I did buy the Dynaudio 52SE for some months ago, and I love. It sounds so naturale and free, but with a lot of dynamic. I compared it to the normale 52 and it's and hole diffrent speaker.