Dynaudio Consequence UE

What is your opinion on the placement of ultra high-frequency tweeter units (like Elac 4 Pi) on top of Consequence UE?
Only a fool would muck up a reference level speaker incorporating the world's finest tweeter with an idea like this.
After hearing the consequences ue why would you want to change anything? Dynaudio spends a lot of R&D in the development of their speakers. Besides the woofer is in a separate cabinet on the top.
Yes, as stated you really need to hear this statement product....don't let your eyes deceive you based on the driver arrangement as your ears will certainly be pleased....
I have a different take, I think you should try it.

I have owned many Dynaudio speakers including the "baby" Consequence, Confidence 5. I loved the sound, but I do think Dynaudio can use more air and extension.

I have also heard Elac with 4 Pi tweeter and I have to say it's one of the very best out there, rivaling (if not better than) MBL 101E. I think you will find a pleasant surprise how much better the 4 Pi can add to any good speakers, Elac is much more popular outside of US and very commonly added to high end speakers.
Sounds like you have an affiliation with Elac. Air and extension are not a problem with Dynaudio,what you won't find with Dynaudio is any coloration or un natural emphasis on the high frequencies.

Sounds like you think Dynaudio is the most neutral speaker on earth?

I am not sure about that, I have owned enough speakers to know...
Do you think there will be phase problems when placing Elac 4 Pi on top of Consequence UE ?
German has proven many times adding an omni directional tweeter or super tweeter can do magic to any speakers, it will also remove lots of room interference issue. I have heard the original Consequence numerous times, having the tweeter place that close to the floor does have its drawback. not sure if adding Elac will solve the design issue, but if I have to guess, it should do more good than harm knowing how a regular Consequence sounds.
Maybe you should start designing you own speakers since apparently your the expert.
some people just can't accept what he owns is not the best on earth. I have owned many, if they are not good enough, they go back on Audiogon. what's the big deal?

I will never claim what I own is perfect especially speakers, no speakers are perfect and I have heard too many in my life. Not MBL 101E, not Dynaudio Evidence, not Avalon Isis, not Rockport, not Sonus Faber Stradivarius, not...... you get the idea
probably that is the reason why dynaudio and some other companies are using such sayings in their advertesments in order to catch buyers who want to own the best things on planet earth;)"probably the best speakers in the world".As we all know that is not always the truth:)