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Anyone using Octave amps or preamps?
Darrin - Thank you for the kind words; the pleasure has truly been ours!Best Possible Regards,Next Level AV 
Octave V70SE to drive Martin Logan Summits?
Jon-Where are you located? Your best bet is to find a dealer that will allow you to an in-home demo as there are very few units of this new model in the market. (We have customers utilizing the fantastic V70SE with both Dynaudio Sapphires and C1 b... 
soulution owners cables recomendations?
We have upgraded, probably not what you want to hear, on our demo system from Valhalla to Odin and have not looked back since. Pricey but worth the freight in terms of performance results.Cheers,Tyler - Next Level AVChicago Suburbs 
Amplifier suggestion for Dynaudio Sapphire
We are fortunate to probably have sold more Sapphires than any other dealer in the world. That being said, with our experience we have found numerous different synergistic combinations. Certainly, like all Dynaudio loudspeakers, you need clean hig... 
Tube amps for Dyn C1 and Sonos/HT?
We have had great results from Octave...newly distributed in the US by Dynaudio...incredible build quality, great value, and very synergistic with the Dynaudio range.The V40SE integrated would fit your budget constraint plus has an HT pass-thru to... 
Best speaker cables for longer runs
Contact Dynaudio North America to find your closest OCOS dealer.630-238-4200 - Ask for MickCheers,Tyler 
Yes, being dealer I certainly have a bias but this piece is the real deal! Not inexpensive but really a strong investment for the level of performance, flexibility, and upgradability it offers.Next Level AVChicago Suburbs 
Dynaudio Consequence UE
Yes, as stated you really need to hear this statement product....don't let your eyes deceive you based on the driver arrangement as your ears will certainly be pleased.... 
Has anyone heard or tried the new Naim Dac?
$3500 USD 
Dynaudio C2 or S5.4 ?
$13,000 USD 
naim vs ayre
Dealer Disclaimer:We pair C1s, C2s, and Sapphires frequently with the Supernait. The synergy is simply fantastic. (Hicap helps with the Sapphire, Flatcap for C1s or C2s is a great upgrade option ((especially if you are considering the CD5 XS))The ... 
Has anyone heard or tried the new Naim Dac?
We have been absolutely pleased with the performance and flexibility of the Naim DAC. We have used it with several different kits including a Naim HDX, Sooloos Media Server, Burmester 061, various USB Sticks, and Naim CD5 XS....it just simply perf... 
Anyone using Octave amps or preamps?
We have on display and sold several of the integrated units. The V40SE ($4.9k) and V80 have done really well because of their value and overall performance. There is a new V70SE integrated that is coming out very soon which will have the same feat... 
Arcam AVR500 vs. AVR600?
The 500 does not have the digital network card (Internet Radio, Streaming, and IP control capability) like the AVR 600. Furthermore, power output rating is reduced to 100w x 7 versus the AVR 600's more robust 120w x 7. Finally, pricing for the AVR... 
Burmester 061 + 011 + 911 or 001 + 911
I recommend option #2. That way if, in the future when the budget allows, you have a reference belt-drive Burmester CDP in which you can always add the 011 pre-amp. Or even better, add the new 088 pre-amp with a built-in DAC module (same as found ...