Dynaudio Heritage + Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe

How do you think about this pairing? Would Gold Note be able to feed Dynaudio's hungry machines? 

If not, do you have any better suggestions for a similar price? 


I’ve driven a pair of the Dynaudio Heritage (as well as Sonus Faber Maxima Amators) with both a PrimaLuna Evolution 400, and a Sugden A21SE. The latter is a lesser known British integrated. There is a YouTube video comparing it favorably to the Pass INT25. The Sugden is available for $3750 (Don Better Audio). FYI, I listen to classical, jazz, and classic rock at moderate volumes, and the volume control is around 9 o’clock. Best wishes.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe! It has an elegant, silky smooth signature. It’s paired with Totem Forest Signatures and has plenty of power to spare. The combination is sublime!

I would seriously consider the underrated Mimas. I'm using it w my Wilson SabrinaX 87dB sensitivity and love it.  It is class AB with tubes in the preamp. 280W into 4 ohms. You could even roll different tubes if want to. There is one on-sale right now below your budget, even has DAC and phono modules included. 14 days return.