Dynaudio Heritage + Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe

How do you think about this pairing? Would Gold Note be able to feed Dynaudio's hungry machines? 

If not, do you have any better suggestions for a similar price? 


I would look for something that truly doubles its power into 4 ohms. The specs on this don’t even give a 4 ohm rating that I can see in the spec list. 

that said would probably be ok but maybe not ideal. 

Do you have any other suggestions for a similar price range of Gold Note -IS1000 Deluxe @mofojo ? 


Often see Simaudio products paired with Dynaudio at shows with great results. But usually the higher end models like the 600 and 700 series. Talk to Dynaudio? 

I’ve used the Linn Classik, Supernait 2, Supernait 2 w/ Sim Audio W3 as the amp, and a Willsenton R8.  The only one that struggled was the Linn, but even that sounded great until you start pushing peaks over 90.  The tube amp sounds great even in the low 90’s, and that’s 25 watts triode.  The W3/Naim Combo was pretty much effortless. I passed peaks over 100db before turning it down. That’s way too loud for human ears. I don’t think this speaker is as power hungry as it’s specs will lead you to believe, and it sounds great at low to moderate levels. You’ll be fine w the Goldnote. 

I’ve had Focus 140s and Contour 20s. Odyssey Audio amps worked really well. Lyngdorf integrated ran out of juice really quick on the Contours. Wish I could have heard them with a more beefy amp. 
i did hear some Contour 60s with an Octave V110 or V80 and it was really good. Sounded thick and detailed and dynamic. Good stuff. 

From the specs, the Gold Note should work well. I ran a Pass Labs INT25 w my HS’s and it sounded great. Then I moved up to a PL X250.8 and it really opened things up. The speakers like good power. A Pass INT 60 that’s been certified may be a fantastic solution. 

What’s your budget you didnot mention ? The Luxman new 570z 210 wpc into 4 ohms very nice sound ,my friend bought one $9k  retail , and at perrotta consultants got a sweet deal sounds great , thePass labs 250  has more raw power   For $12,500   Both are excellent  your speakers in a average size room 

would work very well with the Luxman such has many new designs in the new570Z 

and plenty of good reviews , 

I’ve driven a pair of the Dynaudio Heritage (as well as Sonus Faber Maxima Amators) with both a PrimaLuna Evolution 400, and a Sugden A21SE. The latter is a lesser known British integrated. There is a YouTube video comparing it favorably to the Pass INT25. The Sugden is available for $3750 (Don Better Audio). FYI, I listen to classical, jazz, and classic rock at moderate volumes, and the volume control is around 9 o’clock. Best wishes.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe! It has an elegant, silky smooth signature. It’s paired with Totem Forest Signatures and has plenty of power to spare. The combination is sublime!

I would seriously consider the underrated Mimas. I'm using it w my Wilson SabrinaX 87dB sensitivity and love it.  It is class AB with tubes in the preamp. 280W into 4 ohms. You could even roll different tubes if want to. There is one on-sale right now below your budget, even has DAC and phono modules included. 14 days return.



@grislybutter I had the tdai3400. You could look up my sold ad on usmart. Even with RoomPerfect or whatever the name is, it won't sound as sweet and natural as Aesthetix Mimas. 

The bass of the Lyngdorf doesn't sound natural to my ears. That's after almost a dozen emails exchanged with Lyngdorf. 

Two more cents: the Sugden's power is Class A, and comparable to that of the Pass Int-25. Just sayin'.

I had the smaller Lyngdorf 2170 with the Contour 20s for a while. Not enough power. Ran out of juice quick. Same amp sounded amazing with Tekton DIs. Maybe the more powerful 3400 would have enough. 

Gato AMP 150 AE and Hegel h590 are in my consideration now, after a long research 

I have the Dynaudio HS speakers. My pov is they need 200 watts to really open up. I just don’t think it makes sense to drive them with a lower powered amp, even a high current class A doesn’t cut it. 

I’ve taken the HS out of circulation until I get a high powered solid state amp. 

@ahtapott - they will handle them, but they won’t make them really sing to their potential. I think it’s a speaker that really demands a lot of power. If you read and listen to all the reviews, the same thing is mentioned by most of them. 

I would try to power them with 200 watts. I think they were designed to be driven with more power. You won’t realize their true base potential otherwise. 

Great speaker, but they require watts and current. 

@bluethinker — do they also need to be played at decent volume to sound any good? That was my experience with the Confidence C1 I had many years ago, but I have the impression that Dynaudio’s more recent stuff does better at lower volume than the earlier designs did.

After a long search now I'm torn between Anthem STR, Michi X5 and Rega Osiris (which costs a little more than my budget) 

let me tear you more: I have seen and heard a lot of Dyna - Musical Fidelity pairings and they were awesome

@drubin - They sound ok at lower volume. But to your point, they don’t really open up until cranked up a bit. It sounds like you had the same experience with your Dynaudios! 



I am driving my Dynaudio Heritage Specials with the Boulder 866 and that integrated is a beast.  The speakers sound quite unbelievable for a small standmout.  They come alive with power and sound great at lower volume.