Dynaudio Special One-Anyone heard/own these?

I'm new to Audiogon and really loving the wealth of experience and information!
I recently found a pair of Dynaudio "Special One" and other than the Dynaudio home page, there's very little info I can find. Has anyone heard or owned these? If so, what amplifiers did you like to power them?
I'm running them w/ Carver TFM-15cb 100w per channel,
and it runs hot compared to other speakers. I know the Dynes are 4 ohm,and 84 db sensitivity. Do I just need to get a monster power amp to light these up? (They do sound very,very good-but I don't think I'm really getting the full impact).
I'd be grateful for any suggestions you might have.
If your budget allows it, by all means, try a little bit more headroom from a high quality amp. It should make them sound even better. You may want to try a pure class A amp or one that is highly biased toward class A. Perhaps a Pass amp but there are many other choices. Of late class D and ICE module amps have gotten quite a few raves such as Wyed4 sound. As a tube guy myself I really couldn't recommend tubes for an 84db sensitive speaker but I am sure there a some guys out there that use tubes with Dynaudio speakers.
Thanks, Mechans.
I tried my Dynaco St-70 (modded) and the cage got really hot. (I confirmed the bias-and made sure I hooked up to the 4Ω
taps) I think I may try running the Carver bridged to mono with just one speaker and see if that gets better response-if so ,I'll have an idea that it's indeed a power issue.
Yes ,you need a better amp.I bought that Carver at an auction a couple months ago then sold it quickly. Although its OK ,way to under powered to run those speakers.A Pass X150.5 would be a great fit if you can swing it, IMO.
Find a McCormack amp DNA 1 or .5. Should be able to find a stock unit and can always have it upgraded later.
I have a .5 with rev A upgrades and it sounds great with my Dynaudio 1.3 SE.
Good luck.
I had an opportunity to try the Dynaudio's with a friends system using the Marantz Ma-9s2 monoblocks.WOW!(his amps only have a couple of hours on them so they aren't even settled in yet)
You guys are absolutely dead-on in re: more and higher quality power.Thank You!