Dynavector 507 MKII + SPU?

Was wondering if the 507 would be a good match for Ortofon SPU Anniversary 90th? If not ...what tonearms would you recommend for that cartridge. Much thanks in advance.

Hi Assad

I seen pictures such as this one here with an SPU mounted on the 507, but I couldn't tell you how it would sound in comparison to an old school Ortofon 309 or even a current day 309D or 309A
Hey Paul,
Thanks for that link! Wish they drew some color around the sound with words. how you liking the Ortofon Winfeld? I got a black and am debating an SPU anniversary and a dyna xv1s.... oh the decisions ;)
The Windfeld is a very good cartridge and I love it most of the time, good recordings and pressings are spectacular, but when its bad, its not as enjoyable.
DO you have a 507 arm? I have a good friend with a 507 and xv-1s always good sound.
I would like to try a 507 for a while.
Dyna and SPU is good match but I would buy maybe the Synergy or Silver Meister, not the 90 Anni......
I have a tw 10.5 arm with a cadenza black. Looking for a second arm/cart. We resonate on our experience with ortofon. When the recording is good, it's amazing. When it's bad, I don't want to listen to it. Which is sad, cause the music is still good. Hence a second combo spu style to ease up on the bad recordings. What are you thinking of doing for dealing withthe bad recordings?
The 507 has very low mass in the vertical plane. If memory serves, the SPU is a high mass cartridge with low compliance. So there might be a mismatch potential in that mating. I usually see SPUs mounted on 12-inch Ortofon, Ikeda, or Schick tonearms, all of which would be high mass. Also, isn't there something "special" about the mounting of an SPU type that might make it incompatible with a 507.

That said, I have two 505s, have used them with a wide variety of MM and MC cartridges with success. This includes an Ortofon MC7500. But the MC7500 is a very different beast from an SPU.
Hi Assad

The big issue I have with some of todays new records is the quality of the vinyl pressings. Too many are just to noisy. I can almost accept the way the sound it presented when it is flat, one dimentional and loud! But the surface noise comming from some of the records is just too much.
I would like to add a second arm to my TW again but I don't think it will happen this year. I think the XV-1s is nice and quiet in the groove and musical. It is something I am considering.