Dynavector DV XX-2 MK II + SME 309 + ????

Hi all,
recently I bought a Dynavector DV XX-2 MK II cartridge and now I am looking for a Turntable System.
My first intention was to buy a TW Acoustic Raven One turntable with SME 309 tonearm, which is (and little more) at my budget limit.
Some days ago I received an offer, similar in price, for a SME 20/2 turntable even with the 309 arm.

Normally I play rock/metal music and very less Jazz, my electronics are all E.A.R: phono preamp EAR 834P, preamp 868L, 534 amp, CD Acute and Spendor SP100R speakers.

I ask you gurus ;-) if you are experienced with these solutions, if you have any choice suggestion or have an alternative around 6000-7000 $ which I can give a look.
I have not experience on SME turntables and the problem is I cannot hear this setup :-( , and do you think the 309 is a valid tonearm for the Dynavector ?
...my reall intention is to beat my Acute CD Player ;-)

thank you guys !
I have the Well Tempered Amadeus in one of my systems and it is fitted with the exact same cartridge you just bought. It is a great combination, and the Amadeus performs WAY beyond its price point. The basic table is $2850; you can spend an extra $1000 if you want a slicker-looking platform finish and a black golf ball instead of a white one. Sonically there is no difference between the two models. With either, you will have to spring for a pair of RCA interconnects. I use Aud23 for mine, and I believe Well Tempered used the same type at the last CES. Those will set you back around $800 for a 1 meter pair. Given your budget, you then have a phenomenal TT setup with plenty of $ left over to get more vinyl! ;->

Not a guru, BTW. Good luck!

You are welcome. I really don't have another TT suggestion that I know of to be better than the Amadeus AND within your stated price range. Having said that, I suspect that my comment might trigger some feedback from others who have heard both the Amadeus and other TT's selling for up to $7K, and feel that the Amadeus is bested by one or more of those other TT's. After all, our hobby is subjective. I obviously have not heard every table made for $7K and under. Has anybody?!