E.A.R. 834P vs. Rogue Audio Ares

Hello to all,
I am a longtime reader of this forum but this is my first post. I am in the market for a tube phono pre in the 1500 to 2G price range and the canidates are the ear 834p or the rogue ares. just wondering if any of you have any experience with either one of these. I am also open to suggestions on a tube pre in this price range if anyone reccomends something different. This will be joined to a pro-ject debut III with an ortofon 2M red. Thanks in advance.
thanks for the input guys, I appreciate the suggestions. For those that care to know I decided to go with the ares.
I know this thread is old. I had actually forgotten I posted it. Thought I would bring it back from the dead for an update.After over a year of use, I am very happy with the ares. It is a very quiet tube phono stage. The power source is housed in a seperate chassis from the main phono gain components. Power is fed through two umbilical cords to the main unit. This helps the unit to have a very low noise floor. I plugged in some NOS mullard long plate 12AX7's. It is very musical and has a nice warmth. It I have since upgraded my turntable and cart. I am now running a VPI classic 1 with a soundsmith boheme. All three components compliment each other well.
I owned an E.A.R 834 p Deluxe and liked it very much but whenI tried the MiniMax phono I sold off the E.A.R..
Was considering the Rogue as I loved my m120s and 99 pre but bought the Cinimag 1131 step up and am in vinyl nirvana. Runing a Scout /Shelter 901 with a Soundsmith tip .
I'm about to upgrade from a Rouge Stealth Magnum with other mods. to a Ares and I'm gonna roll the tubes to Sovtek 12AX7-LPS and Genalex - Gold Lion ECC82 / B749. this two pairs compliment each other rather well for what I have read in Part time Audiophile. I'm also thinking to upgrade to the blue Cinemag step up transformers and dampen the entire chassis. I will let you know how it goes.

Running a TTW Audio Eliminator with a Shelter 700 oh yeah!
I too jumped on the rogue Ares completed by the Cinemag 1254 . Now I'm not sure if I could top it without spending considerably more.BTW I have tried several tubes and Found the Sylvania 7025 much to my liking. I've changed the 12 AU7s as well with little change , going to do more swapping in the near future.
If anyone here lives in NJ and has the E.A.R. I would live to get together and do a side by side caparison.