Ear training suggestions


any resources or techniques to improve my skills in relative pitch, recognizing chord progressions, and identifying sharps/flats?

I've been using ToneScholar (https://tonescholar.com) if you're interested), and it’s great if you’re a singer. Very user friendly and has totally improved my relative pitch but yeah, better for singers.

I'm specifically looking for advice and exercises, not other apps. Thank you!


I have a better idea. It's in Portuguese, but grabbing an idea itself of practicing on chord progressions and applying it to the song is one of the best exercises that does NOT require any app. 

Enjoy the simplest masterclass from one of the greatest musicians on the planet



Thank youuuuu!!! During my exploration of the ToneScholar app, I stumbled upon an article delving into functional ear training. Do you believe this method is as effective as the one you suggested? You can view the article by following this link: https://tonescholar.com/blog/functional-ear-training-explained.