EAT E-Glo Petit

I'm interested in rolling tubes through my Petit, when I first received it, I swapped out the original with Gold Lions. It was a bit of a task to get the originals with the heat sinks removed due to the amount of area available in the cavity where the tubes are installed, my fat fingers won't allow me to grab it securely enough to pull them out.. I used a long pair of needle nose pliers grabbing the rubber portion of the heat sink and pulling out the tubes, not a big deal due to the heat sinks in place. Now that I have naked tubes installed, what are you guys with fat fingers using to pull the tubes out, without damaging them.


Google "vacuum tube puller".

Kind of like a solder sucker bulb with a wider mouth.

Not certain if it will fit/squeeze in on your unit, but look @ the pics.



I had a very hard time removing the tubes from mine.  The trick for me was to clean the top of the tubes with alcohol to remove any oils that might have been present and wear clean nitrile gloves.  The increased grip due to the clean tubes and the grippy gloves made it possible, but it still wasn't easy.

@dekay That vacuum tube puller looks pretty cool and will probably work.  There should be enough room around the tubes for it to fit.

Here's a pic for reference of the ones offered now (the vintage ones I recall were an ugly brown/red rubber or had a silver metal housing with a rubber lining).