Edmund Fitzgerald-Which Gordon Lightfoot LP?

Can someone tell me what is the title of the Gordon Lightfoot album that contains the recording- The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald?
Complete greatest hits. just purchased it from deep discount cd........great cd. The book "the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald" by fredrick stonehouse is outstanding if that sort of thing interests you.

I was just in Door County Wisconsin for Vacation...and on a ferry trip from the mainland to Washington Island, many years ago, I started singing that song....kinda creeped the lady I was with out...like a death-wish. Now I can't get anywhere near water or a boat without starting to sing it. My youngest son has picked up the habit.
Great song, stuck my toe in Superior last summer...COLD WATER, nothing like the other great lakes in the summer.
Bought this very CD on import about 6 years ago for that very same song.
Before that an ex-girlfriend told me the tune seemed to be based on an old Irish folk song-don't remember the damn title now!