eero mesh WiFi system

Hello all, I know this has been addressed before but I couldn’t find it for some reason. I was wondering everyone’s thoughts on the eero mesh network ? My modem is on the other side of my listening room where the couch is. I would have to run cable and figure out the best way to hide it so my wife won’t get on me if I don’t go this route. Seems the be the best/easiest way overall. I will be running Bricasti M3 with Roon Nucleus. Thank you. 


You don't need a mesh just to reach the other side of the room.  That said, I had an orbi mesh.  Replaced it with an Alien router based on comments here.  My wifi is significantly better.  I haven't noticed any audio changes, but my audio system is hard wired.


I agree you don’t seem to require a mesh network in that small space. I use an eero mesh network to run Roon to 3 and sometimes 4 zones successfully in 2500 sq ft. I do run an Ethernet cable from the eero wifi node in a couple of the zones to be safer.

My Bricasti is not wireless. The only options are run 12-15 ft of wire and move the modem across the room or the mesh network. Unless I’m complexity missing something. 

If you’re just going across the room you’re probably fine with just a Wi-Fi extender like this…

Just run a good Ethernet cable or CAT7 cable from it and you should be fine. 

@soix I have AudioQuest Vodka Ethernet cable ? Do you think this is more reliable than the eero mesh? Thank you 

That’s a great cable!  Just run that from either a Wi-Fi extender like the one I listed above or a mesh node and I’d think you’ll be in hog heaven. 


I can’t speak for the Eero Mesh system as I use Amplifi Alien router and mesh but in that room proximity may become a performance issue on the mesh unit as they typically like to be further away from each other.

I used to use a Powerline extender and it worked well- you would just lose two outlets in your room. I recently purchased a second Alien to act as a mesh as I needed additional Ethernet outs. Either solution works great and there is no difference in audio performance.

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What’s the overall general consensus ? Wifi extender or mesh network ? Thanks everyone. 

I was told by a few professionals and friends to avoid extender for audio, and I took out my TP and everything sounds better...


I ran an Alien on the second floor of my house with a NG Powerline in my audio room for about 6 years. Two weeks ago I added a second Alien (as a mesh) in the audio room (needed more ports) and removed everything else.

The up/down speeds increased and I have way fewer dropouts. There was no change in sound quality, just better performance. Not sure how Eero compares to Amplifi Alien products but changing to mesh was a positive for me.

for me, the mesh system was eons better than the hodgepodge of wifi extenders/signal boosters i used previously

Quick question, which eero would you guys get ? I was in a store today and they seemed lost on what I was asking. I have a Roon Nucleus, Bricasti M3 DAC and I will be using an iPad to run Roon, although I’m not sure which iPad yet. Thanks again 

Just get a 2 node mesh, its worth it.  One node as the base the other at your rig hard wired to the Nucleus.  Everyone I know including me has negative experience with extenders. 

@shtr74sims mesh. And use Vodka from it to hardwire your M3.

keep nucleus by router, not by dac. You will have one gateway EERO so use good ethernet cable from that gateway into Nucleus. By good I mean good, not necessarily very expensive. Like a solid cat8 from amazon. 

@audphile1 I have 2 Vodka Ethernet cables I was going to use. I was thinking of putting the nucleus on the rack with the dac and running both in the eero ? If I do what you’re suggesting my nucleus would be behind the couch. Haha. I wanna get the best sound I can get out of everything. 

You can have nucleus on the rack. I just like to keep the core away from the system 

eero 6 will work just fine... just make sure you get the remote pods with ethernet jack (they do make some pods without... not helpful in our case...)

I have been on this site for over 10 years. Just recently started using the forums on my new build. The support here is far better than what you find in the average place. 

@shtr74sims 👍

I mentioned I like to keep Roon core away from the system…I’ll elaborate…

I use Mac Mini as a Roon Core. And I don’t like having a computer in close proximity to my audio components to minimize the risk of introducing interference and noise.
Your Roon Nucleus is essentially a computer. And since you’re not using it as a streamer, there really is no good reason to keep it near your system.

@audphile1 if I don’t put it on the rack, I’m gonna have to find a place to hide it from the wife… haha 

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