Efficient Dynamic Speaker with low-end punch?

I am looking for a full range speaker, efficienct (to be driven by 30 watt solid state amp) that handles rock and bass music well. I am looking for something with kick and wide dynamics that my Pass amp can drive. Thanks
let's get real my rocker friend! ditch the little amp and replace it with more power and get some real rock and roll speakers. $4K is plenty of $ to find a great combo from dozens of product lines. imo that nice little amp is holding you back from fully exploring all your options. also, don't forget about sub/monitor pairings. you could go the horn route but with that budget why force it? in the future you may also develop broader tastes that horns etc. might not handle as delicately. no offense to you horn lovers intended, just my personal tastes.
In keeping with Veroman suggestion, replace your Pass Amp with one of the new .5 series.
Perhaps a used X350.5 or X250.5
Klipsch Legend series, specifically the KLF-20 & KLF-30. Do a google search and you will find that it is well regarded a great rock & roll speaker.

BTW - I love my KLF-20's