Efficient Dynamic Speaker with low-end punch?

I am looking for a full range speaker, efficienct (to be driven by 30 watt solid state amp) that handles rock and bass music well. I am looking for something with kick and wide dynamics that my Pass amp can drive. Thanks
You should look at horns. For example Klispch RF-83. Make sure you audtion - horns are not everyone's taste but they will give you efficiency.
The Daedalus DA-1 should be on your list to check out. I think that it be a good match. www.daedalusaudio.com
More options: the MM deCapo's might be your cup of tea.

I've also been pleased with Green Mountain Audio Callisto's but my amp is 35wpc tube, so YMMV

You have some good choices by other members so far. I would also add Montana speakers to the list. The EPS2s are 92 db efficient and are extremely happy with medium powered tube amps. They will play VERY loud VERY effortlessly, but handle any type of music with aplomb.

BTW, I had a pair of Coincident Super Eclipse IIIs and I would say their efficiency rating is exaggerated. Not to mention they couldn't fill my 26 X 16 room like larger speakers can.
Classic Audio Reproductions can suit the bill with either the T-3 or T-1. Both are about 96-97 db with real bandwidth to 20Hz. Also a very revealing speaker and an easy setup in most rooms- I have mine about 6" from the rear wall. Easily driven by tubes or transistors; Philip O'Hanlan who markets Halcro in the US has a set in his system.
You didn't mention a budget, but for <$1000 I recommend you check out Klipsch RF7's and the previous model KLF-20's.
Thank you all for your replies. My budget is about $4k.... I am also looking at DeVore and Proac.
FYI I have a Fostex fe206esr back loaded horn 98db 1 watt 40hz-20khz $2500 shipping inc a great deal and works very well with small pass amps.
I second the Reimer line. The bass on these go very deep and clean. My 18 tube watts matches well with the Teton's.
Silverline speakers , new and used at your price point. Average efficiency 93 - 95 db, usually equipped with some potent woofers and a very pleasant/natural "House sound". An Aleph 3 would probably be a real potentially nice combination but try and get some tubes into the pre if you could. I owned that amp years ago and liked it a lot but didn't have the Silverlines (Sonata 2's) I have now. What is your pre? and room size?
let's get real my rocker friend! ditch the little amp and replace it with more power and get some real rock and roll speakers. $4K is plenty of $ to find a great combo from dozens of product lines. imo that nice little amp is holding you back from fully exploring all your options. also, don't forget about sub/monitor pairings. you could go the horn route but with that budget why force it? in the future you may also develop broader tastes that horns etc. might not handle as delicately. no offense to you horn lovers intended, just my personal tastes.
In keeping with Veroman suggestion, replace your Pass Amp with one of the new .5 series.
Perhaps a used X350.5 or X250.5
Klipsch Legend series, specifically the KLF-20 & KLF-30. Do a google search and you will find that it is well regarded a great rock & roll speaker.

BTW - I love my KLF-20's