Eggleston Works Andra II speakers as forever speakers.

If you didn't read the online stuff or hifi rags, could you live with these speakers for a long time, say 10-15 years, without the urge to upgrade or change?  Why?

Strange question. Even if someone owned them, how could they look that far ahead and know how they would feel?

I'm married to Aerial 10T since 2003 and never upgraded them and that's so far almost 15 years . I heard about Andra speakers and would not doubt that they may have that kind of potential to be placed for good and it's good, because changing speakers is most expensive and painful upgrade. After having my Kef Ref2 speakers pushed by my toddler to fall, I decided to get large footprint heavy speakers and absolutely spontaneously found used 10Ts with blown woofer for $1200 off craigslist. After replacing a woofer and playing few familiar tunes, I realized that those are my final speakers. There's no way toddler can push them to fall!

At a good used price for sure! It is an excellent speaker built with high quality Dynaudio parts. The design will play very loud without distortion - a very realistic presentation. The bass is too strong and resonant like most Wilson designs but that is desirable to most people.
Not not for me, I owned them for a couple of years.   I did enjoy them I just enjoy my long time preference Thiel better.

i used them with McIntosh and Classe amplification, perhaps not the right choice.  

Im not sure about the Egglestons, but I’ve had my Yamaha NS-1000s and NS-2000s for quite a long time. Refinished the NS1000s twice since I’ve had them, the last time a complete reveneer and crossover rebuild roughly 6 or 7 months ago. I still love them like they were new. They had put up with anything I’ve thrown at them from tubes to SS and sounded great doing it, I’ve under powered them with a pair of mc30s and dynaco mkiis and over powered them with mono MC7300s and they still love me. That being said I could prob use them the rest of my life, or untill the JBL Project Everest DD67000 come more into my price range, but that’s about the only speaker I would put the yams in the closet for.
Hi dorkwad (feels awkward writing that),

Speaking as someone who demo'ed the Andra IIs on several occasions without actually having owned them, the answer is no at either their new or used prices.  Starting with used, speakers available for about the same price used (or in some cases much less) that I would happily choose over the Andra IIs include: Genesis V / 300; Audio Physic Avanti IIIs; Dunlavy SC-IV; and Thiel CS6.  As to why, each of these speakers in my experience offer a greater level of low level resolution of detail, better microdynamic shadings, a more realistic soundstage, and a better balance through the midrange with less coloration.  The Genesis 300s also significantly outperform the Andras in macrodynamics and low level extension.

At their new price (~$19k before the III was introduced), there are a number of speakers I would select over the Andra IIs, including speakers from Marten, Magico, Tidal, Aerial, Audio Physic, Dali, and others.
    Would you say you are more of a clarity freak or musical?  I think I verge on being more of the former without etching, however.  I also like dynamics.  My problem is I'd also like to have speakers that sound good even with less  than stellar recordings.
I had a pair of Vandersteen 2Ci speakers in my living room for 18 years and only sold them to get the 2Ce signatures.   I liked the 2Ci speakers more.  
I've had my EgglestonWorks Fontaines (smaller brother of the Andras) for over 10 years, have demoed many speakers more and less expensive, before and since, yet I still prefer my Eggys. I really don't see swapping them out. So sure, at least for me, forever is a possibility.

I owned the Andra ll's for many years, they are great speakers.
But, as I got older moving around a 215 lb. speaker became a chore.

I also wanted to try tube amps and I found that the Andra's needed that extra solid state high power amp (oomph) to get them to perform there best.

But all in all they are very nice sounding and a very good looking speaker in my opinion.

The Andra midrange is run almost full range, which is going to make them very room and setup dependent.  The one time I heard them I wasn't impressed, but like the Rosas quite a lot.  If it works for you, I could imagine being strongly devoted to it.