Eggleston Works Fontaine II

I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this speaker. I listen to classical--both orchestra and chamber music, and would be using an Ayre (150wpc) SS amp. Thanks for your thoughts!
I love all Eggleston speakers. The whole line sounds very similar in that they all have the Dynaudio Esotar tweeters and Morel midwoofers. As you probably know, the tweeter is phenomenal and very easy to listen to. In general Eggleston's like allot of power but I think the new Fontaines are more efficient. Your Ayre should be good match. They sound very stable no matter what kind of music you throw at them. Big orchestra music will sound effortless with no signs of strain although if you have a big room you may want to add a sub. I also think that the Fontain II's are one of the best looking speakers out there.
I heard them at CES briefly. They were being driven by Pass amps (150.5 or 250.5) and sounded good as always. I'm not sure if the new versions are more efficient or not, but the 150W Ayre should be a good match.
I have heard these driven my Levinson Amps (33H) and an Ayre CD player. They sounded wonderful, relaxed and something you could listen to for hours on end. My only slight dissapointment is that for the money I would expect better low end extension and output. This won't be an issue with your chamber music, but might be on full range orchestra recordings.
I put in an order for the Fontaine II today. Should have them in a couple of weeks. Thank you all for your feedback!
Congratulations. Let us know how they sound. I have a pair of Rosa's and am very happy.