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Looking for a new SS integrated amp for B&W 805S
Chazz said:but B&W is pretty forgivingChazz I'm not saying "I'm right & you're wrong", however when I had my 805'S' I found this not to be the case. I tried a couple of amps and thought the best match was a Classe integrated (but that was ... 
Pandora vs. Pandora One. Any audible difference?
I noticed a diff upgrading and for 3 bucks a month what a deal pandora is. (IMO) I'm probably way behind the curve here, but Pandora was my best musical find of 2009. 
How to fix my detailed, accurate but BRIGHT system
Sage advice from Onhwy61.. 
Speakers in 10-15K price range for Classical music
09-17-09: Macdadtexas said:I think if you upgraded your amp first, and tried the Spendor or Maggie 3.6's again you would find them much different. Your integrated does not have the power to really open up either of those speakers."----------------... 
I need help with my Equipment addiction
Mac - I stumbled upon something by accident that might help. I just finished a remodel and my 'rig' was not hooked up for 6 weeks. You don't need to go that long but a short break from your system, then coming back makes one appreciate how good it... 
Rolling Stone top 100 Guitarists - Howe/Van Halen
As a guitarist, come one Keith's not in the same league, much more limited.Mac, I got it. I know it was not a list for songwriters. My point was I don't think a guy has to be 'great technically' to be a great guitarist. I'd bet that if many of the... 
Rolling Stone top 100 Guitarists - Howe/Van Halen
I kept thinking that with the exceptions, IMO, of Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Kirk Hammett no one else could play all the music of all the other guitarists as well as VH could. George Harrison, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton or The Edge get... 
Naim Supernait vs XS vs Exposure 2010s
"and he is over the moon!"I like the international flavor offered on A-gon.. Am I correct assuming this is from the UK? 
Has anyone ever switched to Harbeth
I had Dynaudio 1.3SE (and with a few speakers in between) now have the Harbeth 30.For classical/acoustic/vocal/chamber at lower volume I prefer the Harbeths. I also found the Harbeths are more forgiving when matching amp/pre. My Dyns had to play l... 
Ayre C-5xe vs Ayre C-7xe??
Mitch2 said:I wish Charlie and the crew would reconsider and offer it in black, which would go much better with my other components...Agree 100%. I wanted to get an Ayre integrated amp at one time and it's only available in silver, yet I could get... 
BAT VK-32 tube preamp or stay with BAT VK-3ix
Rgurney:I think you're mistaken.. I'm doing a remodel & can't check my amp (VK-55SE), but I checked my manual from BAT and mine has the same tube configuration as what Tungvu has. (two 6SN7 tubes). Are you thinking of the VK-3IX? It has 2-6V6 ... 
Can you get "bookshelf sound" from a floorstander?
I wonder if Eyediver is gaining anything toward narrowing his speaker search from this discussion between Bobbyapalkovic and 9rw?as usual, the venerable Tvad has made an excellent point. At least Mr. T has not jumped in.. 
best rock voices
(1) Mick Jagger(2) Mick Jagger(3) Mick Jagger 
the tough question: Which preamplifier? and why
Amen & thank you Tvad.Mr T., asked: anybody care to chime in ??YES! Mr. T. plse stop! 
New to Classical Music - Album to try first??
Joe, I think the easiest way to start is listen to a local FM (or internet) radio station. You're bound to find composers you'll like. Haydn is pretty easy to get into as much of his music sounds 'uplifting' (at least to me) ..the cello concertos,...