Eh hem!...Subwoofers... What do ya know?

Subwoofers are a thing.  A thing to love.  A thing to avoid.  A misunderstood thing.  

What are your opinions on subwoofers?  What did you learn and how did you learn it? 

@millercarbon 4 subs is a no go for me. I live in an apartment after all. I did try to move the sub next to the couch and I feel like I have it so it integrates well and isn't apparent thats its next to the sitting position.

All in all it remedies most of the problem at the sitting position. I would really rather NOT have subs at all so I don't know. I haven't had time to sub crawl AND I'm also going to play with the height of the mains. These came with 24" tall stands but have a 3"+ front port that puts the tweeters way over my ears (bass is better standing also). I'm going to try putting them on 18" tall solid objects to see what happens.
THey make a lot of really good bass that may be hard to come by otherwise.
Hi all. I have a pair of REL Limited subs working quite well in my relatively small room.  Having read about the swarm has piqued my curiosity.  Do the sub-drivers need to be of the same size?  What's the smallest driver that will effectively work with the 12" woofers I am now using?
They dont have to be the same. So long as you have some sort of control over them. 
So I took the mains off their stands and put them on top of some weights. They are about 1 foot off the ground now. Sound is warmer but still not getting that low bass “bump”. If I stand up and put my head right above my head sitting there it is.

what I can’t get my head around is what the couch is doing to make this happen. I pushed the couch out of the way and there it is. Seems like it should be the other way around. The couch is against a flimsy metal frame table that’s 12” deep which then is sandwiched against the rear wall. Could that cavity somehow be adding to things?

Edit; moved the now lower stand speakers back 8” or so and now im
gettijg better bass. The imaging isn’t as good so that sucks. My speakers are -6db at 50hz but are really -6 for everything below 110hz and front ported. Now I’m more curious about a 40hz rear ported speaker would do. Hmmmm.

i now better understand the subwoofer’s role in things. Being able to bring my mains out 25” from the back wall (rear of speaker) and have the sub make up the bass I lose allowing the imaging that comes with being out into the room is cool.