Eichmann HDMI Cable?

I saw on ETI's website
That they have a HDMI cable coming out? does anyone know anything about it?

Also, has anyone out there compared the Quiessence cables? i have the Q1000 interconnect but I'm trying to decide whether it's worth going for the Q Reference. Is there a noticable difference?
Hi Setlexia,

Yes this is correct, We will be releasing a new HDMI cable in the next couple of months.

Price point is cheaper than some of the best cables on the market and the quality is better than say Monster's best HDMI. at around half the price this will be a good cable to go for. I don't want to give too much away but this cable is the latest in HDMI technology and has a special difference that no HDMI in the world is using. Keep checking the new website for more information.

And in relation to your Quiessence question, yes there is a noticable difference. value for money the Q1000 is probably a good one to go for. the difference between them is the length of GnC on each. There is more information on the website now and it's all up-to-date. So have a look and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.