El Salon Mexico -- old edgy version

I was listening to Bernstein's version of his strong aquaintence, Copland. It made me remember a version, much older that I heard while driving on a snowy night, so I daren't write down the details, nor remember as I spun round curves. But listening now to Lenny, he had an affection, but his creditable execution still has more Lenny mannerism than that other biting, crazy version of a real place. The pacing, the leaner raw folk was truly great. Can anyone help?
My favorite has always been Antal Dorati's version. It is available on London--cd#430705-2. It has punch and verve that Bernstein's can't come close to. LP version is harder to find. I have many versions but the Dorati has been my favorite/
Bachtovinyl, I will look for the Dorati one, thank you. Obviously you see what I am after. Funny, when I was a freshman in DC, Dorati was the conductor. He left in disgust, not only from the poor playing, but from the poorly behaved audiences. Then, Rostro took over and beat the living daylights out of them. We would sit and observe as he stamped his foot and vocalised his directions. Later we saw some appearences of James, our first black and our first crippled assistant conductor work the horrible summer schedule.
I'd like to second the recommendation of the Dorati/Detroit SO version on Decca/London. A fine, rousing performance in excellent sound. It's the one I listen to.