ELAC Carina BS 243.4: keep my amp or upgrade

I just got these speakers and they do sound amazing. I have a 17 year old Anthem PVA 2 and am wondering if an upgrade like this would be a step or two up: Khartago Stereo Amplifier. Kimber Kable 8PR Internal BiWire is in use. I want to buy a new amp. Thanks for your advice!


We are an elac carina dealer we would recomend getting a naim uniti atom

The atom drives the a peakers beautifully

And you are getting amp preamp dac andd streamer


The atom sounds amazing


And you are basically getting an entire system upgrade



You can sell the anthem and your y pgrade will be nearly paid for


DAVE and troy

Audio intellect nj

Elac an naim dealers


I have a decent DAC with a preamp. I just am looking for an amp that would clearly be an upgrade.