Electrical fields

I am thinking of moving my equipment rack to a different side of my listening room (which is in my basement). Just when I find the perfect spot, I realize it is only a couple feet from my house electrical breaker box (150amp service-power company meter in the basement next to the box). How far would I need to be, or what could I use to shield the box, to prevent any electrical field from it affecting my component rack/cable runs?

You should be good to go at 2', particularly if the cabinent of your breaker box is made from steel. If you want more shielding, any steel that a magnet sticks to will work.
With industrial equipment, you sometimes see conductors or busswork carrying hundreds or thousands of amps located within your 2' of computer equipment and/or very sensitive low level input signal terminations. Stay away from running stereo cables in parallel with current carrying conductors & you should be fine.
The impact of electrical field is halved every time the space or distance is doubled. I would not get anywhere near 2' from the box. I'm about 25' from the box and that's plenty close enough!

Get as far away as is reasonably possible.
Hmm, it seems there are varying opinions. This should be a simple matter for a someone with a EE or physics degree. Neither of which I have. I guess once test is to move the stuff and then listen!
I have 3 EE and 2 camels...not agree with Jeff. Why you think we spend $$$ on sheilded power chords....stupid to place equipment close to main box, always give component the least amount of work to do is better. So power chiord sheilding not have to work hard when 20 feet from source of energy.
talks of computer near power source has no significant on audio equip. Talke of field halved is no significant whem we don't know strenght of field. Half of what = too close?

All mumbo from men with ee's...

Keep as much in distance at least 20 ft to be safe...better safe than audio nervosa

Why not move a couple of houses down just to be safe. I think 20-25 feet is not enough. I changed the battery on my car before. Is that as good as a EE?
The breaker box is metal shielded and grounded, so the only issue is if you are picking up electric fields from the wires as they go into the box. Keep your power cord perpendicular to the wall with the box and you should be OK even at 2 ft.
Hmmm, I wonder if it would be possible to build a steam powered stereo & move to a remote part of Montana?
Happy listening all!
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(Just kidding TWL, whoever you might be).

If your breaker box has a steel enclosure, then you should be good to go at 2’. You can shield the magnet more effectively with any steel that sticks to a magnet.
There are conductors or busswork on industrial equipment which can be carrying hundreds or thousands of amps. A low level input signal termination can be found within two feet of computer equipment. Whenever possible, try not to run stereo cables in parallel with current-carrying conductors. Fore more info check my website electriciansnyc.net