Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes

Has anyone heard the Elrog 300B tubes ? I read an article which mentioned that the Elrog 300B delivers 15% less power than a traditional 300B tubes. Can anyone confirm that it is audible ?

I am choosing between Elrog and Takatsuki 300B tubes. I would prefer the Elrog because it is cheaper and supposedly wonderful but if it really sounds less powerful then I have to rethink.
Germanboxers, I think you'll be very happy with the GGs. My understanding is the circuitry for GG and Big 7 is exactly the same, just some more boutique/expensive parts in the GG. Mine is black faceplate without remote volume control, so it looks simple, elegant and beautiful with the copper chassis. There shouldn't be any issues if your Elrogs are working fine with your Big 7.
Elrog 300B's were dead quite on my Lampizator big 7. I still missed their sound very much! Sigh.

I do believe that Elrog and Takatsuki are the best current production 300B's. Takatsuki 300B's on Frankensteins and Voxativ reproduce the best treble that I can imagine. The flute sound is so sweet and delicate that it is almost unreal!
Charles, I was using the Luxman DA-06, along with the Melody P2688 line stage. Both are fantastic for the price, but going direct with the Big7 to the Audions gives even greater transparency, intimacy, ambient cues, and mellifluous midrange and treble tone. It's a little less impactful going direct, but all subtle inflections and micro dynamics are revealed so effortlessly that I just melt in my seat, confidently transported to the musical event where the recording allows. I'm digging it so much I decided to jump to the Golden Gate to see my if boutique parts applied to the same circuit can improve upon an already great sounding DAC.

I may eventually try Lukasz's 211 amps...I'm digging the Lampy sound!
Hi Jordan,
I think your Audion Golden Dreams would be a very tough act to follow. I understand your curiosity regarding the Lampizator 211 amplifiers, there's so much stellar audio choices available to tempt folks these days. I can imagine how much music listening enjoyment you're experiencing.