Elvis Aaron Presley 1-8-35 8-16-77

*reputedly, of course.

Congratulations!! 74 years young!

Following 32 years of seclusion, and a part time career working for WalMart as a traveling ‘shopper’, (which accounts for many of the acclaimed Elvis sightings these decades since), and continued involvement with the FBI and various other law enforcement affiliates across the country, it’s time now to return to the public eye, from the private one.

Go out with a snarl Elvis… not as a ghost…

Come on back & TCB!

You’re still the King…. Despite Michael Jackson’s attempts to prove otherwise in your absence… and of course h’e now he’s just an “ex son in law” anyway.
Elvis we hardly knew ya.Say it aint so......all is forgiven,come home.Heros are impossible to find......theres a message for you at the Sands......check out the dwarf with the pink telephone.....he'll steer you,adieu.
If Elvis didn't die in '77, he would have had a heart attack and kicked the bucket later when he found out his daughter was marrying Michael Jackson.
I'm not too sure about that heartattack thingy.... he wasn't just inheiriting a son.... there was a monkey and a giraffe too.... and all them bones!