Emerald Physics. 600 amp

Does anyone have any experience with the Emerald Physics 600 amp. 

I believe that. it is relatively new. 


- Larry


I have a EVS 1200, Custom built from Tweak Audio. It is based on the same Icepower modules, except twice the power. Excellent amp. I saw a review somewhere on the 600.1 that was very positive. I think it was in Tone E-magazine. It should be a forever amp


I have an EP 600 in my system to power my low end in a bi-amp configuration. I tried the amp as a full service amp but to my ears the amp was bright. Here is the good news…I am using it to power the low end only. 80hts and below. I am using 2 mac275’s to power the kids and highs. Absolutely wonderful to my ears. 

the amp is well built, inexpensive, and pushes 750 W/channel. It has a tube input selector that is effective. It’s a nice amp and great for the money. Class D has come a long way. 

I have a EVS 1200 dual mono based on the ICEpower AS1200 modules. Fantastic, and very revealing of ICs and PCs. You have to spend HUGE money to improve on it