Emerald Physics CS2 at low volume?

How does the CS2 sound at low volumes?
I think this speaker sounds great at low volume. But it all hinges on the equipment that you are using. You need a dead quite pre-amp. The processor that comes with the system has some noise. I have a Modwright and think the world of it.
I would love to get mor feedback from michaelnelson on the modwright combo. are you using the w4s amps as well. I am curious which preamp you have and how your current system compares to what you may have had in the past. I hear huge things about this system combo and I have spoken with dan wright on the phone about his setup....36.5 with cs2's and wyred 4 sound amps...he loves it. very interesting indeed ;)
thanks for the input

My CS-2's play very well at low volume. My Significant Other (SO) watches the TV and listens to the Tuner through the system at low levels and loves them.

I refer to their sound as clean. No coloration that I can hear, and you can easily judge the quality of the source components through the speakers. Bad recordings or an inferior source will easily be identified. They hide nothing.

Further, small sounds (water lapping against the rowboat in The Pirates of the Caribbean) that got "lost" before, now are easily heard and add greatly to the experience.

Always nice to read a thread on low volume listening - way better for your irreplaceable hearing in the long run. Some (including me) consider low volume performance (resolution/ imaging/bandwidth) one of the most prized qualities of a great music system. Takes a bit of trial and error to put together, and I'm happy to learn the CS2 can be a "piece in someone's puzzle" in this regard. The Fletcher-Munson curve must be tackled and bass eq has been easier to successfully implement than 3kHz+ in my system evolution.