Emerald Physics: Ultimate Bang for the Buck?

As both a hobbyist and an X Hi-End store owner, I have owned quite a few different speakers over some 40+ years, including, Accoustat 2+2s (with both tweaked servos and Medallion transformers), Genesis IVs, first generation Reference 3A MM Dr Capos, Magnepan 3.5Rs, Usher 6371s , they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The biggest love/hate relationship was with the 2 + 2s and the Maggies

Due to their open baffle design they throw and incredibly addictive sound stage, however their XOs, etc drove me up a wall, and they dominate my quite large listening space/living room, constantly drawing attention to their physical presence 

Happiness was rediscovered when I took the plunge and bought EP KC IIs: in addition to being open baffle, they are also extremely efficient, about 4ft tall, and only $2500.I ordered them with WW OCC for the internals. I am told the WW internals upgrade was transformative

Whatever changes I make, including interconnects, power cords, even vibration devices, are readily apparent and when the recordings are good, the experience is most enjoyable

Sadly, EP speakers do not get the magazine reviews they well deserve, but IMHO, they are well worth your hard earned money. If they draw attneion at all it's because it's hard to believe that such wonderfully balanced music comes from such a relatively small package. 
Glad you enjoy them! I believe that REG gave them a very positive review some years ago in TAS! He really liked them and praised their openness and neutrality!

Are you suggesting I was paid to do this? If so, I suggest you investigate how long I have been  AG member
Are they $2,500/each or $2,500/pair? Their website doesn’t seem to make that clear.

I was impressed with most of the open baffle speakers I heard at Axpona, unfortunately Emerald Physics didn’t bring any, they were demoing a new line of traditional box bookshelves instead. They did have their new open baffle subwoofer, but for something they’re claiming can hit 125db at 10hz it didn’t seem to add much, though that could have easily been the musical selection.

Still, I imagine these do sound nice. I’d certainly be open to a demo.
Price is per pair. I did a review of mine on AA.

Shows ar the worst place to demo , and, many mfgs are poor set up men
WOW, can't believe I neglected to update

I made 2 serious upgrades to my system since then

* Audio Alchemy stereo amp, which has a ton more bass and midbass than the EP100.2SEs. The AA has extraordinary natural sound (see TAS 3/2016 review)

* Audio Alchemy Dac/Pre. I bought it for the pre, which is a perfect impedance MATCH for the amp. Eventually I tried the DAC instead of the DAC in my Oppo 105- another revelation

Combined, I have an even greater respect for the KCIIs 
I like my EP 4.7, surely not junk. Mine are bi-amped and crossed to dual 15” subwooers and custom processor settings. Nice open transparent sound with tons of dynamic scale and sound awesome loud. I think some can’t stand the idea of digital processing though I think it gives lots of flexibility and it is transparent. I can easily here the coloring from different phono cartidges and the differences from tweaking my vinyl set-up.
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Save your money...Junk! 

This isn't twitter. You don't just drop that nto a conversation without saying why you feel that way...

Come on sfrounds, let’s hear about your experience with EP speakers. Bashing a company without any details is not helping anyone and kills your credibility.