Eminent Technology LFT-4 or LFT-6

To anyone who has listened or owns the above speakers, how do they compare
against other ET speakers, or flat-panel speakers from other companies?

I realize the LFT-4 and LFT-6 are older models, buy does anyone
have a pair in either FL or MI that might allow me to visit for a short listen?

Thank You
I just purchased the 4's and have owned the 6's for a couple of years. The 6's are way more efficient with a much lower bottom. Am experimenting with them in tandem. Will report more as I discover it.

After much experimenting I have discovered that the sum of these speakers is greater than the parts. Adding the 4 additional panels really pumped up the low end performance. I have the 4's at the sides of the 6's, raised up so they are about mid way up the 6's. They have a dedicated amp. This gives me an incredible opportunity to tailor the sound and vary the soundstage.

I believe the best configuration is for an almost equilateral triangle to be formed with the 6's at the edge of the 2 front corners, facing almost directly ahead. The 4's are towed a bit more, to point at the apex of the triangle; the listening position, which is about 7 feet from the speakers. The speakers sit about 2.5 feet off the back wall. The room is 13 feet wide and 21 feet deep, with a dining room area open to the back and right, creating an "L" shaped room of fair size, (about 375 share feet of floor size).

This setup gives a huge soundstage, extending well beyond the speakers themselves both vertically and horizontally, yet without a hole in the middle. I wouldn't say the staging is perfectly pinpoint, but rather very large with fairly definite localization. It is as if you are sitting in the second row of a symphony. Depending on the recording you may sometimes be seated immediately in front of or occasionally within the material being heard.

Many sounds seem to shimmer in the air, with lots of space around them. Unveiled and distinct. Bass, extends from the low 30's to the mid 20k range for the highs. The bass is quite substantial and a bit sweet, owing to the combination of the Eminents very large surface area and an incredibly smooth transition to the midrange. It is easy to understand how they have good bass, considering they have approximately 630 square inches of radiating surface per side, with an excursion peak to peak of almost a half inch. This allows the speakers to reach astounding volume levels for a planar type speaker. The radiating area of each side is about the equivalent of 5 1/2 12" woofers...

I have recently compared them to the Soundlab A-IPX's and the Soundlabs sounded grainy in comparison. I admit that the Soundlabs had more "slam" and a slightly more analytic sound, but they were also being driven by a much higher powered system than my own, and in a more ideal room to produce it.

It is my feeling that the Eminents in this combination give just about the perfect combination of performance versus price for mid-large rooms. They are vintage for sure, but in no way out of date. I would also call them forgiving. They make almost all material sound a bit better than it is.

I will probably sell them soon, after about 5 years I have the itch to move on that we all get. When I do if you live nearby I invite you to bring some of your material over for a test drive. I'm sure you will be astounded at these truly remarkable planars, and just may lug them home...

Thank you and best regards,
I HAVE OWNED A PAIR OF 4S FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS,,ROUGHLY,,,I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL ON THESE PEICES.for the most part i listen to jazz,,,alot of vocal material and gospel,,all of which have never given me any issues,,,,
Only three hundred pair of the 4s made, I have these and wouldn't part with them...rare jems IMHO...
The current ET 8s are fantastic as well! One of the best speakers in the world, period!!! Their purity of tone as well as portrayal of instruments size is amazing, and I pretty much heard most whats out there....
I have a pair of 8b's on order, and just nabbed a pair of IV's on eBay. Paid more than they're worth I suppose, but they are the only pair I've seen for sale. I plan on comparing the two, and trying them together and/or with a pair of Tympani IV's as woofers. Gonna need some more high-power amps, aren't I?! Fun!