Emm Labs DV2

If any of my audio brethren are thinking of upgrading their current dac I would highly recommend the Emm Labs DV2. If your looking for a dac that only presents the music and doesn't add color or some other sonic flavour this may be the last dac you will ever have to purchase. For almost 2 years I used the PS Audio DSD. It's a very good dac however the DV2 is in another league. This quest for achieving the right SQ in one's system can be fun and sometimes maddening! (In a good way) When you do achieve your goal it really is satisfying.
This reads like (and in fact, is) a dealer advertisement and should be clearly marked as such, imo. It's cool to have opinions but they should have large disclaimers that you have financial interest in those opinions.

Yeah. That was a very late announcement of a financial interest in the product.  
Who cares!  Makes ZERO difference to me. 

My Bad! I didn't realize this kind of response was inappropriate on the forum. If I recommend a product it's solely because I think its a good product. If I was promoting Emm I would have said the NS1 was great. I was asking about Aurender. Sorry if I over stepped. In the future I will make it clear. I sincerely apologize and now understand the conflict of interest that can be construed. John
No worries.  We've just had a couple of ridiculous people in the past and so everyone is now sensitive to it.  Based on my experience, it's a great brand (at the very least for digital - I haven't tried their amps) and wish you success.
Thanks man, their current amps are beasts. Too much power for my JA Pearl 20/20s.
^^^ I believe EMM Labs currently working on a stereo version of their flagship mono amps. It will be interesting to see what would be entry price point