Emotiva UMC-200 vs Oppo BDP-105?

I am currently on the fence about my Oppo 105 just purchased in regards to 2.1 and 5.1 channel analogue listening with the ESS Sabre 9018 chips. How are the Twin Cirrus Logic 32 bit dual core floating point dsp chips in the Emotiva running analogue 2.1 and 5.1? Has anyone compared the analogue in the Emotiva UMC-200 compared to the analogue in the Oppo 105? I am hearing a very thin sound, male mevado just isn't there, midbass is lacking and is just terrible through the analogue 2.1. Please post your immpressions. thx in advance....
Bacardi, you may want to make a post on the EmotivaLounge website. You will find several owners there who have exactly this setup...

You might also go to the Oppo 105 thread in the AVS forum. I've got the Oppo 95 and the analog is superb, the 105 is said to be better.
One step further is query oppo support. Their support is stellar. I'd be very surprised if the issue was the oppo and not someplace else in your signal chain--including speaker setup.
Simple question, but you do have the Oppo connected via it's analog outputs and not HDMI, correct?
Bacardi, did you ever get this resolved? I am experiencing the same thing as you and wondering where to go from here.
I sent the 105 back and purchased the Oppo 103 straight for video and the Emotiva UMC-200 and the combination for the price is stunning. I am running multichannel analogue from Emotiva dacs and it sounds really good? I am awaiting the results of the Emotiva XMC-1 processor due out soon....
I just purchased the 103 myself, and have it set up as a processor straight to my amp. Seriously impressed, I can't hear anything lacking as the OP found, perhaps it is system dependent? I also have the Oppo 95 in a 2 channel system and I have to say, Oppo rocks!

I'd hold off on the XMC, every single processor that Emotiva has released in the last 4 years has had bug issues, some really quite stunning. Give it some time to see how things shake out.
I'm awaiting the XMC-1 on upgrade and hoping with it being delayed the time it did it will be an amazing piece. My e- mail stated for April/May shipping. Really hoped for the TACT calibration but that was changed. I'm crossing my fingers.