Emotiva vs Burson Audio

Hello everyone, I have the DAC Emotiva XDA-1 preamp with the DAC Analog Devices AD1955 and Burr Brown OPA-2134 op-amps, I want to update to the Burson Audio Play with the DAC: ESS Technology SABRE32 / ESS9018 and NE5532 X 3, NE554 X 2 op-amps, would it be a good update to the Burson Audio? thank you very much to all.
I'm not sure if your asking about Op-amps or the whole DAC, I use Burson Audio discrete Op-amp replacement components in my MSB DAC to very good effect. So if your looking to replace the Op-amps with their discrete Op amp replacement then yes go for it well worth the money. 

other then that I have no other Burson experience other then their SS v5 op amp replacement. 

Stay far away from Burson.  Post-sale service is non-existent for discontinued products.  Regardless of how good a product is, it’s a hassle in the making if you can’t get it serviced.