Empire Turntable Parts

I am using a very old Empire 698 with a Ortofon MC20 Mikita. I am also using a Parasound Zphono hooked up to Classe and B&W 803Dii. I am looking for a replacement part to fix the down red led indicator. Any know parts to fix? Any suggestions for replacement? The turntable is in excellent condition considering the age and it sounds very good. Only problem is that is the only TT that I have listened to with my setup.

Years ago (40!) I had a 698/Dynavector 20B. Presently have 4 Empires (all older than yours) in my collection. Excellent belt-drive TT's! SQ competitive with today's big-buck stuff! No need to replace it! Consider a mc cartridge upgrade instead (Hana LS?). You might need a new red LED. Try Parts Express!
Yes it is! A Shibata line-contact stylus mc. Read Herb Reichert's review in the October Stereophile. Glad to know that someone else likes the vintage Empire TT's! Well engineered, USA built!
Are you sure that it's an LED that's out? Given the age of the turntable, I'd suspect it's just a lamp.
I picked up a 498 for $5 at a garage sale.  Shouldn't be too difficult to work out your issue as simple as the innards are
Great TT. I own two Empire 208's. One has been refurbished with a Wand Tonearm and Hana SL, its sounds as good as my big rig. I enjoy it so much I purchased the other one for parts.
We built a whole new plinth for the 208 that is machined out of solid aluminum and has exactly the same lines although that big hole beneath the platter isn't there.

@falmgren, are you sure the new lamp was good? Did you test the old one?
Sounds like corrosion in the socket is the culprit. A little DeOxit should sort that out.
Hello all, I took advice and cleaned up contacts and roughed up LED. The are not bayonet lamps, bit an Red Led. I must have put the wrong lamp back in the down cue. I now thin the LED is bad because swapping again identified a bad LED. I will try to find one.

The original part is not an LED!
If that is what is in there, either someone modified it, or else the LED failed shortly after installation.
The correct lamp is a neon lamp as I indicated earlier.
The schematic I have from the manual shows a LED and documented in the manual. Why would they put that in the schematic? Thanks 
I just went out to a site called Tapehead and they had pictures of the LEDs and documented. I think Empire had different versions of the control board for the model. I must have one of the later models which also includes a cueing Pot. There was pictures of boards with different boards.
Does anyone have a recommendation for grease to use on the solenoid for tonearm damning. I cleaned mine and used a synthetic oil, but it drops too fast. Recommendations appreciated
My apologies- I had this confused with an earlier machine.

The LED is a basic type- nothing particularly special. If you felt like it you could put a different color in if you liked. The damping fluid is a silicone damping grease. Something similar is used in damping troughs on some tone arms.
Thanks for all the feedback. I got the LEDs from Parts Express. Installed and bingo, works just fine. Added a Parasound JC Junior and just listening to it. Good so far. Nice to bring my Empire back to life. I also would like to understand where this TT compares with the new TTS being sold today.