End game speakers for Yamaha as2100 under 5k new or used


Cycled through a few now.  

I love the amp and never want to sell.  Its a tank (50lbs) but only rated at 90w.

I only stream now.  Tidal mqa through a lumin d1.   Sometimes CD.    No other hi res.  So redbook or mqa will be it for me.

I like some detail, but like a more relaxed sound that I know.   1\2 of the time its playing in the room in the background, other 1\2 I sit and listen.  Needs to have ultra wide sweet spot and dig deep into 30hz range or below.

My 'room' is a 1650 sq ft loft with really no walls and 22ft ceilings. Its not just a box, but mostly open.  Room treatments will be an ongoing thing, but I don't want the speaker to sound bad in the interm.   Surprisingly, its actually OK and does not echo, I think due to the material used in the roof.

Anyway.  I want a speaker that first and foremost makes maximum use of these watts.  I don't want to ever think that they may sound way better with 2x or 3x the watts.   But I also don't want them to be so efficient that they will sound the same with 1 watt.  Something just right to use this amp as designed.   This may seem odd, but its required that I find the spec sweet spot here first, to manage my future upgradeitis.  In that sweet spot, I will audition as many as possible.  But I'm not sure what ohm/db that would be? Ish?? 

Used I was thinking acoustic zen creshendo, focal, legacy, tekton(??) or tannoy prestige.   Since I have so much air to move I may be leaning more to larger drivers?

I am not sure I want k horns with this amp....

Any suggestions welcome :)

@grey9hound ahh, I know.  Trying to get past the looks.  If they came in veneer I may have them already.  High on the list at the moment...
These are three awesome suggestions! Thank you.

Of these, I think the tannoy Cheviot or Arden would be amazing, but still very new so will be hard to find used yet at a more comfortable price. That might be the one to wait for...for a few years. I was not aware of these before posting this...

A used Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mk1 might also be in my price wheelhouse.  I will never get to audition though. Any thoughts from those who own a crescendo 1 or 2 and drive it with a high current 100w solid state amp? Would you say it mostly meets my criteria or no?

I have been also noticing the Tyler Acoustic Halo 1. Sealed box, 12 inch woofers soft dome tweeter. I suspect this is a vintage sound? There are literally no reviews on it. Does anyone here own, or have owned, this speaker? He has used trade in’s for sale all the time, so I know people cycle through them...

Duevel Venus or one of the Ohm models (2000-3000), Omni's fill a room and these two brands have terrific reputations.
I'd heavily second the AZ Crescendoes given what you're looking for.  But just to ake your life more complicated, I'll throw these in.  All are awesome and hard to see being disappointed by any of them...

IMHO seller asking too much and should be had for $4k.  Mini Joseph Audio Pearls on the cheap. 

These would be my absolute #1 recommendation given what you're looking for if you can pick them up locally.  Original MSRP $19k!

Another extremely good candidate if you can stretch a little...

Maybe a bit of a dark horse, but definitely worth a look...

Here's another great bargain if you can pick them up...

And finally, one that would definitely be on my radar if I had a large space to fill and another great bargain...

I can't see being disappointed by any of these and I'm pretty sure you'd be thrilled with any of them.  FWIW, and best of luck in your search. 
Might consider what I run with my A-S2100, and that is Klipsch
Cornwalls.They fit price.

new or old?

what dac/digital source are you using?

i will be demoing these next week at a shop in town

@soix  the veritys ive been looking for. Good to know.   I am in Canada, they do come up locally occasionally. I would do road trip eventually though once patients wears...

   Dadeleus is another brand I didn’t know of, and look amazing.  Thank you

I am making lists...very expensive lists. 

Your room is kinda big. I have not listened to this speaker, but a friend who is an equipment manufacturer and has great ears loves these:

I would go with the floorstanders with 10" or larger woofers due to room size, and look into a room correction device.

"But I'm not sure what ohm/db that would be? Ish??"

So far, the listing of speakers here have a wide variety of these parameters. IMHO, the sensitivity is the main issue and would choose a speaker above 90db for 8 ohms or 93db for 4 ohms. That sensitivity specification is measured with a 2.83v input, so for an 8 ohm speaker, it's 1 watt and for a 4 ohm speaker, it's 2 watts. To make a comparison between those speakers, a 3db adjustment must be made. 

You are welcome.

I'm sure the AZ Crescendo is a fine speaker, however with the 6 ohm impedance, the sensitivity at 1 watt would be 88.5db, 1.5db less than the listed 90db. Also, recommended minimum power is 50 watts. That tells me it is somewhat power hungry and would likely be better in your space with more power than the A-S2100.


Taking advice to stick with >90db at 8ohm and >93db at 4ohm, it does narrow it down.

I’m not just canvassing opinions for fun, I will actually listen to these suggestions.

Making the cut with high enough efficiency to be in the Goldilocks zone for the as2100, with a warmer signature and wide sweet spot to be used in a very large room (these were my requirements, so I am assuming recommendations above were aligned with that )... + ...I can tolerate looking at them:

"Vintage" designs with large drivers, used
-Tannoy Cheviot/Arden Legacy
-Klipsch Cornwall
-Spendor SP100

"Traditional" Designs, used
-Tekon Double Impact (eeerm, can Eric do a veneer??, could buy new also)
-Verity Audio Parsifal (8ohm, 89db...on the limit)
-Anything in my $ range by Daedelus
-Anything in my $ range by Coincident

Not listed here, new, but still interested
Focal Aria 948
Opera Quinta SE

Not listed here, used, unicorn
VR-4 Gen ii

Listed right now ’locally’

That should be enough for now. Little bit of focus helps ...

Revel F208 can be found used for about $3k.  There is a dealer demo set on the 'Gon right now.

@gravis82 - if you can pick the Alta Audio Lelantos or get them shipped free, and they are in absolutely perfect condition, they are listed at a decent deal. I’ve had them for almost a year, and they replaced a set of Tekton. There wasn’t even any comparison - while I loved the idea of Tekton, they only sound good when driven LOUD. Otherwise, Tekton are weak and tinny.

Alta are musical and rounded, but very resolving with no etching. It enabled me to better hear every difference I made in my system after. Many have compared them to perform at the range of $25K speakers, and I would vouch for that. At the NY audio show last year, they were the best of show to me outside of the $25K Martin Logan flagships. 

I would say that if your system sounds bright or neutral, these speakers will do well for you, but if you already have a warm sound (The A-S2100 leans that way), you may need to use silver cables to get the right balance (not necessarily a bad thing!). 

Happy to answer any any questions you may have on them. I don’t think I’ll ever upgrade. 

I also guarantee that they will outperform the vintage speakers that you listed and won’t need repair anytime soon. 

"My ’room’ is a 1650 sq ft loft with really no walls and 22ft ceilings. Its not just a box, but mostly open."

That is a very big room.

"Since I have so much air to move I may be leaning more to larger drivers?"

Oh yeah. The good news is, prosound drivers well implemented can not only handle that space and still sound relaxed, they can also give you a wide sweet spot.

"Needs to have ultra wide sweet spot..."

The sweet spot can be much wider than what you get from conventional speakers. I can explain how if you would like. The tonal balance would hold up well throughout the room. Naturally imaging would be best up and down the centerline, but you’d still get a pretty good spread to the instruments from off to the side.

"...and dig deep into 30hz range or below."

Going that deep (and presumably suitably loud) in that big space does present a challenge, but imo it can be done.

"Room treatments will be an ongoing thing, but I don’t want the speaker to sound bad in the interim."

Makes sense. A grand piano probably sounds best in a well-designed recital hall, but would still sound mighty good in your big room even without treatments. Imo a speaker system should have that same characteristic.



If you don’t mind the wait, the Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower with RAAL upgrade is <$3000 shipped unless you want a more premium/custom finish. It’s really, really hard to beat this speaker for the price.