Energy Veritas 2.3i or Rc-50

Hello all, first post in Agon, been lurking for a while and in the hunt for new speakers. Finally found the ONLY Energy dealer in Chicago area, a small, somewhat obscure local appliance store. Was disappointed because they don't even stock the Veritas floorstanders, only the bookshelves which sounded great by the way. They only special order the floorstanders so I can not audition them. I would have to order them blindly and then return them if I did not like them. I did, though, get to hear the Energy RC-50 floorstanders and liked them very much. Very comparable to others in the price range or even a little more.

Question is: Does anyone have listening experience with these two speakers?
At almost twice the price are the 2.3i so much better than the RC-50?
Are the RC-50 indicative of the Energy 'sound' in general?

I'd go for the 2.3i without question. Energy sound is excellent. They make their own drivers and the stuff is tested in Canadian acoustic labs. The mid range and greater dynamics is what you stand to gain with the 2.3i over the RC-50.
i would buy used if you could. save money. energy was just bought out by klipsch, so energy speakers as we now know it is about to change forever(or not exist). i owned a pair of 2.3i's and really enjoyed them. They were clean and crisp, being a touch bright. the bass was ok, but you would need a sub (for both). I would either buy a pair of 2.3i's used or the RC-50.
Thanks for the replies. Its a drag I can't demo the 2.3i, I don't want to shell out that much money without hearing them first. I did get to hear the 2.2i bookshelves with a Velodyne sub and it sounded great. Some of the best vocals I have ever heard but it lacked a little something. I admit I am partial to floorstanders and for the price I might start with the RC-50. Thanks for the input, any other Energy fans/owners out there?
I've used the 2.3i's in my system for the last year, but recently changed to some Ushers.

Of the two your looking at, the Veritas is in a different class. The 2.2i will sound the same as the 2.3i except the 2.3i has much better bass extension.

The bass extension for a speaker this size is outstanding and the bass is very fast and tight. Someone said they can be a little harsh, but I disagree. In my system the treble was very smooth. My Ushers have a soft dome tweeter and are much brighter.

Bottom line is that these are terrific speakers that compete very well in their price range.

BTW, if you don't mind me asking, how much does your dealer want for a new pair?
J D, the RC-50 are $1200/pair, the 2.3i are $2400, the 2.4i are $3200. Thinking of buying a new pair?
Hello, Just an FYI. I have seen these speakers going for between $1900.00 - $2000.00 through alot of dealers on the net. I have also come across a few dealers that are selling demos at a discount and are no longer going to sell the Energy line.