NAT Symmetrical + Merrill Veritas

Recently acquired a pr of Merrill's Veritas monoblocks and thoroughly enjoying the sonic improvements they have brought.  However, don't seem to have great synergy with my existing Simaudio Moon P-5 preamp - a bit too solid state sounding, IMHO.  Was strongly considering the NAT Symmetrical as a tube compliment to the Veritas.  Has anyone had any experience with this pairing?  
The NAT Symmetrical had a nice tone and a fair amount of bloom in my system.  The Acoustic Imagery Atsahs were tonally dense with hard-hitting but had highly damped bass.
I never had the two together but if you like the Veritas amps, I suspect the NAT may actually go well with them.  The NAT is pricy so I recommend trying to hear them together before buying.


Have you experimented with audio grade fuses and wall outlets. They certainly have a significant effect on a system's sound.

David Pritchard
Thanks, Mitch2.  Yes, a bit tricky trying to find an NAT audition piece, as I know of only two distributors/dealers in the States, and doubtful they'd be willing to do so.  It is for the same comparative sonic traits you mention that I felt the combo might go well together.    

Curious if you were ever able to audition this preamp, and if so, what you thought?