English langauge instructions for Gran Finale ?

Hi there,
I recently bought a pair of Gran Finale MK 11 speaker cables.
I love these but the settings are driving me nuts. My instructions are all in German which I can understand up to a point. I wondered if anyone could help with a set in English. Also I assume it is ok to chage settings while music is playing. I am using these with Muscial Fidelity Nu-Vista amp cd & aDIO Physic Virgos. any help appreciated.
I saw your post over at AA and thought somebody would chime in. I just sold a set of these cables and had typewritten instructions from Christian the former US importer for HMS.
With both paddle switches inboard toward the wire puts the box in the neutral or flat setting. you are supposed to move one switch (left or right) at a time on both speakers. Your better off to have someone move them while you are listening, you can move them with the sound on.
Starting with the switch on the right side of the boxes, move it one click (that is the first setting after neutral) one more click is the next setting. When you reach the end on the right switch put it back to neutral and do the same with the left switch till you reach the end, checking along the way and making note of the sound changes in soundstage width and depth etc.
when your done with the left switch put it back to neutral and move the first switch one notch out, leave it there and go through the settings of the left switch. You do this till you have gone through all the possible setting combinations using both switches. This should take less than an Hour.
I left mine at neutral as I don't thing my ears are trained enough to detect the subtle changes that are supposed to occur.
I pass these instructions on from memory, I hope someboby corrects me if I am wrong.

Good luck and email me if you have any questions,
Aloha Simon,

I don't have the HMS speaker cables, but I have all HMS Gran Finale IC's.

I concur with Mike's instructions. After listening through all of the different settings, I too found neutral as the best. There was a dramatic thinning of the sound at some settings, depending on where the IC was located in my chain.

I did not ever find any setting that was an improvement over neutral. YMMV

And BTW, I love these cables. I use the HMS digital cable as well.

There is something about these cables that is hard to describe. Easy to hear, just hard to describe. I and others have used the term "organic", but I am not sure that really translates into anything meaningful until you hear it.

I own a set of HMS IC's and like Warren went through the settings. I must explain though since I have experience with speaker cables and IC's that the different settings on the IC's made quite a change where the different speaker settings were not noticable to me for the short time I did play with them.