Need operating instructions for Roksan Kandy KA-1

I don't know how the indicator lights work on the Kandy KA-1 (not the L.III) integrated amp. Is seems that when the light is read, the unit is ready to play and that when it's green, it's on stanby??? Also, I would like to know how to switch the unit to "off" of "standby" without having to actually flip the rocker power switch at the rear of the unit.
If it's like the Caspian series you cannot switch the unit off without using the back panel rocker switch.

Attach the amp to speakers and a source component and figure out how the lights work. Set the volume to low when doing this.
I also have a Caspian series integrated, and you can only power off when you use the rear rocker switch.Sen an e-mail to Roksan and see if they can help you with the manual or look at hi fi engine.